1day Trip in Yawata city: Graffiti Temple and beautiful Japanese garden!

We went to Shoukadou(松花堂) garden and art museum in Yawata-shi.

The establisher of Shokadou, Shokadou Shojo (1582-1639), was famous of his tea, Japanese calligraphy, and literature. He had a relationship with many Japanese calligrapher, writer, and even a general. Part of Shokadou is resigned scenic beauty, and you can enjoy wide spread garden all seasons.

In front of the Keihan Yawatashi station, there is a tourist information center, and you can ask the bus going to Shokadou. (Actually the staff of the center and bus driver is very kind. You can ask them!)


After taking a bus for 15 min, there is Shokadou!





We bought a ticket for garden and museum, and food for crops. (It costs 100 yen.)

The garden is very big, and you can enjoy many aspects of Japanese garden.

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There are 3 tearooms, more than 40 kinds of bamboos, and about 200 camellias.
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When we visited there, it was clouded, but it must be refreshing and beautiful on a sunny day in every season.

In the museum, you can learn about Shokadou Shojo. (Taking a picture is prohibited…)


Next to the garden, there is Kyoto Kittcho, which is famous Japanese restaurant.


After enjoying the Shokadou, we went to Tandenan called Rakugaki-dera (Graffiti temple), and on the way we visited several temples. November is the best season for red leaves!

We walked Higashikouya kaido (東高野街道) about 15 min.

The first temple was Shoubou-ji (正法寺), but it was closed. You need to resister beforehand. 15 16 17

The second temple was Zenpouritsu-ji (善法律寺) called Momiji-tera (Red leaves temple). The temple is a family temple of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu(a general of Muromachi period)’s mother.

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We finally get to the graffiti temple!

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Tandenan (tendai –syu, myoshinji-ha) was established by local people in Edo period. They start writing their wishes on the wall to be paid attention by Daikoku, who is known as a God of health. Every new years eve, the wall is painted again. There are many graffitis on the wall!

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You can write your wish on the white wall! (※You have to pay 300 yen.) We wished our success of Hidden Kyoto

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After checking Tandenan, we went back to around Keihan Yawatashi station. We had lunch at Yawata Hashiriimochi (やわた走井餅) in front of Iwashimizu hachimangu (石清水八幡宮).


Hashiriimochi is made with famous spring water, which is said that newborn Emperor Seimu (AD131-191) used as a first bath.

(You can check the article of Iwashimizu hachimangu here: http://hiddenkyoto.jp/2016/07/18/210/ )

We had Udon with Hashiriimochi (710 yen), Red rice (630 yen), and Mattcha and Mallon ice creams (350 yen each). The taste is simple and delicious.

28 29 30 31 We walked a lot, but rental bicycle (500 yen) is available at Kintetsu Yawatashi, Shokadou, and Shikisaikan. We would recommend you to bike around Yawatashi!


If you want to walk around nice places after enjoying Iwashimizu hachimangu, please try this one-day trip course!


・Shokadou garden and museum

AM9:00- PM5:00 (closed every Mondays)

Bus is available from JR Matsuiyamate, Keihan Yawatashi, and Keihan Kuzuha (about 15 min)


PM 0:00-4:00


AM10:30-PM 3:00


AM 9:00- PM3:00 on Saturday and Sunday (Weekdays are closed)


AM 8:00- PM6:00 (closed every Mondays)

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